Sept. 22: Bowling Green, KY to Evansville, IN (107.61 miles)

If this were the Tour de France, they would call it a transitional day. Hopefully this is the transition from the bumpy climbs of the Appalachians to the flatter, rolling terrain of the Midwest. It’s also my first day of the trip over 100 miles. My guess based on the profile is approximately 6.5 hours of pedaling and a total trip time of 7.5 hours (store stops & lunch).

Day 5’s itinerary has me riding northwest from Bowling Green towards Owensboro, KY. I had to find spots where I could get across the Ohio river. At the 77 mile mark I will be making a right-hand turn onto J.R. Miller Blvd. which will get me across the Ohio river and take me from Kentucky to Indiana. Hopefully there won’t be any chair-throwing Hoosier fans waiting for me on the other side of the bridge.

Here’s the Day 5 route courtesy of MapMyRide. Click on the “View Full Screen” link to get a good look at where I will be riding.